Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Anniversary Spartakiada of “Gazprom Dobycha Krasnodar” Workers Started

At 9 a.m. teams, representing Company’s branches, gathered to form. Flags raised in the spring sky and fanfare sounded accompanied by the national anthem of Russian and the Kuban.

CEO of the Company, Mikhail Geikhman, welcomed all present:

“In this wonderful day, we open our fifth anniversary Spartakiada! It is symbolic that it is held in the Kanevskaya village, home of Kuban gas producers. Furthermore, it is held within a special Olympic year. Sochi Olympics were brilliantly. They showed the level of Russian sport. We all know that our employees how much efforts were put to this event went down in history! took part in it too”.

Deputy Governor of Kanevsky region, Sergey Kukareka also congratulated the participants:

“Dear participants of the Spartakiada! On behalf of the Head of Kanevsky Region Municipality, Gennady Gerasimenko, I am glad to welcome you at the opening ceremony of “Gazprom Dobycha Krasnodar” Spartakiada. Pleased to note that you achieve successes both in labor and sport. Over the years, we have been working closely with your Company. We are especially grateful for the assistance you render the region in the social sphere and sports. I wish you all good luck and new victories”.

At the end of the ceremony, Mikhail Grigorevich gave a gift certificate for 50,000 rubles to the representative of Kanevskaya Youth Sport School of Kanevsky region.

These funds will be spent to replenish the material base and the purchase of sports equipment for the school.

Spartakiada has started. It is time to compete for gold. The program of the first stage of Spartakiada included competitions on track and weightlifting (running at a distance of 100, 500 and 1,000 m, 4x100m relay, long jump, weight lifting, shot put). Guests and fans of the sports festival took part in entertainment contests and lottery. Especially fun and exciting was the contest “Mom, Dad and me is a sports family!”

The day ended with tug of war competitions. Then there was an awarding ceremony. All were at the podium. Top athletes received commemorative medals. A team - winners got deserved trophies and certificates.

Translated by UTime News team
Original Russian version

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